Aiona Garden of Health

is located in northeast Bali, in the Indonesian archipelago,

in countryside away from the tourist centers.

Our area is well-known for wonderful nature, diving & snorkling and a lot of sun.

Aiona vision is to promote holistic health

for that we offer:

Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant

mindful self-awareness training

Aiona Healing Heart Retreat

mermaid freediving course

Yoga & Meditation

 direct on on seaside

Aiona Healing Heart Retreat

An eventful journey awaits you, lots of nature, living directly by the sea, a varied program in a small group with yoga, relaxation, fire ceremony, walking meditation at our labyrinth, personal  consultation and much more.

AIONA 1 Person stay

Enjoy a unique stay with us: recover in nature and by the sea.

book your private session or inform you about our schedule

join our Healing circles

to activate inner medicine and

develop the heart energy.

Would you like to know more about how Ayurveda could support you in your daily life?

Do you have a deep whish to connect your heart more with your soul? 

Energetic Healing is a deep relaxation to experience deep connection with youself


Aiona Yoga combines different yoga styles, such as Hatha, Flow, Yingyang and Dance Yoga.


Feminine Yoga is supporting our female well-being to let us feel as a healthy, authentic woman.



Sacred Space gives you the opportunity to perceive yourself better through a body-, mental- and spiritual training.

Our garden invite you to get silence, to practise self-reflection and to relax.

Celebrate with us the power of

the moon


 with sound-medicine, inner journey and sacred fire.

Are you interested in Balinese-, Indonesian cooking with the background of Ayurveda? Join our cooking school to learn about!

come and make an unique experience with us

Plan an inspiring Experience in Aiona Garden of Health.

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