An eventful journey awaits you, lots of nature, living directly by the sea, a holistic program with Yoga, MotionArt, Ayurveda and Health Balance: fire ceremony, meditation at our labyrinth, personal consultation and much more. 

AIONA Healing Heart Retreat

an exciting journey to your inner sources of strength

We offer you: 

a 7 day or 4 day Retreat program

for 2 up to 6 persons

Make a deep inner experience with the NATURAL power of Aiona sacred garden, in an exotic environment, which is a special power place where transformation can happen.

enjoy intense days

of recharging and

time for yourself.

7 days retreat  includes

7 day holistic program

6 overnight stays 

3 ayurvedic vegan or vegetarian meals per day (17 meals)

and a holistic program:


3 x  Hatha- and Flow yoga 60 min. lesson

2 x meditation: 1 x sitting meditation and 1 x walking meditation at our labyrinth 

Health Balance

2 x fire rituals 

1 x personal consultation

1 x a deep relaxation journey with sound healing 


1 x  tree Dosha balancing journey

2 x Balinese massages

4 days retreat includes

4 day holistic program

3 overnight stays

3 ayurvedic vegan or vegan meals per day (8 meals)

holistic progam as follow:


2 x  Hatha-Flow Yoga 60 min. lesson

1 x walking meditation at our labyrinth

Health Balance

1 x fire ritual

1 x personal consultation

1x deep relaxation journey with light sound


1 x  tree Dosha balancing journey

1 x Balinese Massage

Live with us

There will be more nice opportunities outside the program to meet each other, nature and our animals: for example join us for the morning and evening walk with our dogs on the beach.

Focus: The week is designed to concentrate and reactivate one’s own source of strength. It is good to be completely focused on the essentials during this week.

Overnight stay

There are 3 different accommodation options to choose:

one single rooms and two twin rooms with different prices.

There is the Kubuku single beach cottage, the Ganesha beach twin bungalow and the Rada twin room.


All meals are vegetarian or vegan

include the price are 3 meals per day: delicious breakfast, vitality-rich lunch and light dinner.

Coffee and black tea as well as alcohol and nicotine should be avoided during the whole week.  

Group size and free time

The size of the group is limited 2 up 6 persons. This small group size gives us the opportunity to design a flexible daily program in which all of us can be accommodated. There is also enough free time to deepen the experience, sunbathe and swim, depending on your individual needs.

Are you interested?

Conntact us!

Feel the beauty of a lotus flower and find your way back to your heart power.

strengthened, powerful and healing

We look forward to hearing from you