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Our Mango products
are made out of organic grown mangos from our own garden
Our jams & chutneys
Pure fruit or together with natural spices as additives. All of them are prepared with an acceptable amount of cane sugar for the necessary preservation of our products.
More Mango products
Sundried Mangosare 100% pure ripe fruits and sundried , likewise our mango paste, - available during main season only.
Amchoor, as a spice made out of the mangoskin, well known in the ayurvedic kitchen for a sweet fruity taste in all dishes.

Our Neem products
like blood cleansing, liverflush tea, Neemflower powder, antiseptic balms, holy smoke, are all products from our own Neem trees and therefore free of chemicals and any pesticides. Our Neem balms are containing only natural ingredients like Neem-, soybean- and virgin coconut oil, bee wax and essential oils. To AIONA Spirit / Body Medicine, NEEM BODY WASH is belonging, based on seasalt, Bali clay, neem leaf powder, vetiver roots and others. Usage: mix with water, make a paste, rub gentle on the skin, rinse with warm water. NEEM BOY SCRUB . based on Bali clay, neem leaf powder, mesoi wood and others. Usage: mix with water, make a paste rub on your skin, wait till it is getting dry, rub off and rinse with warm water. We are also re-sellers of Neem products of Intaran Indonesia, who also declares that they don't use any pesticides or chemicals and GMO's for their products.
The Neemtree is well known in the Ayurvedic medicine as a holy tree, Neemleaves used as a blood cleanser, supporting our liver system and are having a very good antiseptic effect, also good against fungi, - bitter in taste.
Our Ashitaba products are home sundried or from Bio-Land here in Bali, They are all strictly organic and therefore 100% natural and free of any artificial substances.

Our Kombucha Fruit mix drinks are made from fermented tea of our own Kombucha fungus culture, together with real honey and fresh fruit juices only, - no artificial substances added. It is a tasty thirst quencher and indeed a powerful, natural remedy against many kinds of sufferings, for instance good balancing our digestion, regenerating our colons and supporting our glandular system, as well as to rejuvenate our body for an excellent wellbeing. We are offering also 100% herbal Kombucha vinegar with different fragrant, herbal tastes.
Our salt products are genuine and our 100% pure sea salt is from our local salt producers in our area, containing no additives. Our cooking seasalt is mixed with herbs from our garden, like Thai basil. Our bath seasalt products are made to balance according the ayurvedic science the vata, pitta and kapha conditions. They are mixed with essential oils, flowers and spices, colored with herb essences, all of them are of natural origin.
Our herb pillows are filled with fragrant leaves or roots. For example: Vetiver roots to balances our own earth power and legundi leaf has a calming effect on our mind, 100% organic from our garden.

Our herbal remedies & Ayurvedic Health teas, include spices, roots, barks, flowers and unique herbal ingredients in a very special combination, based on ayurvedic recipes to support and protect our health : wellbeing tea, power-, woman-, good sleep-, anti-acne tea, etc., we create more than 14 tea mixtures. Using the power of nature in the very best way, either in these teas, or with our atmosphere cleanser, known also as room clearing. Try our AIONA "holy smoke mixtures", Neemleaves holy smoke, renew old atmosphere after illness and dark "visitors" Daun legundi holy smoke is refreshing blocked atmospheres, Mixture of fragrant herbs holy smoke, is created for special moments and rituals.
Ayurvedic oil mixtures and perfume oils are created to protect, balance and harmonize our health, Vata-, Pitta-, and Kapha oils are all based on natural oils, like virgin coconut oil, soy- and sunflower oil. All essential oils are of 100% natural origin of different sources like Utama Spice, Primavera ex Germany and Falfalla ex Switzerland.

Our herbal healing remedies
. We have indeed recipes against serious illnesses and sufferings. We use: leaves: Daun Deva, Daun Jati china, Aloe Vera, Warutree, Sambiloto, Tulsi/, ect. Fruits: Nonifruit, Mango, Neemfruits, ect. / flowers: Ylang Ylang, Rosella, ect. / bark: Neemtree, ect. / roots: vetivert, ect/

Colloidal Silver. On request we can prepare a high quality of antibacterial silver water.

Our unique food products like Bali Saur, cookies, fresh pesto and granola are only based on ingredients of natural origin without any artificial additives.

Bali Saur is made out of grinded organic coconut from our garden with a special spice combination of strictly natural origin.

Our Cookies are made out of organic coconut from our garden, mixed with wheat flour, palm sugar and fragrant spices.

The fresh pesto is originated from our organic, garden fresh Thai Basil, 100% sea salt and from imported Italian olive oil.

Granola based on organic, roasted coconut flakes, mixed with cereals like oats and wholegrain, homemade rice flakes and other components like nuts, seeds, dry fruits and spices. All of natural, origin, - no artificial substances added.

Aloe Vera Our ALOE VERA plants are of our garden. We can therefore guarantee the organic culture. Offering the garden fresh leaves allay having sunburn, itching, irritated skin, etc.. Our tasty and helpful Aloe juices are combined with different fruit juices to recharge and refresh our physical body, - for example: Mango-Carrot-Aloe Juice or Orange-Thai Basil-Aloe juice, etc. The organic, fresh Aloe gel is an important source of nature's healing power, because of the minerals and vitamins also used as anti aging, because Aloe Vera gel renews our cellular water.

Our additives which are added to some products, are of natural origin of well known sources, like Bio Land, Alami, Bali Interan, Golden leaf farm, Bali Asli and some local farmers.
  • Please take note that we are guaranteeing always to try to work in accordance with nature. We use to create our products seasonal. According the moon rhythms and Balinese holydays. We produce our organic natural care products with the sense of holistic, they based indeed on bio-organic cultivation, as far as our own products are involved.
  • We would be glad if you could visit us at AIONA GARDEN OF HEALTH, directly on seaside, with vegetarian Restaurant and Guest houses, in Amed-Area, close to the Bunutan Village, local district from the province Karangasem, East Bali.

  • Contact us at:
  • +62 81 338 16 17 30 or +62 81 337 52 19 77
  • or email us to: aiona_bali@hotmail.com

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