energetic cleansing

heal your heart space

be touched on your soul level

After a short introduction talk, you will lie down and relax on the deepest level. They are your emotional-, physical-, mental- and spiritual levels.  There where you have stored all your sensations. Through this relaxation you will be able to let yourself be touched in your heart space, letting yourself be touched that deep healing can happen in you.

Through the light language and the light chants it is possible to find a new access to yourself. Time windows can open where you can remember who you really are, where you come from, who your soul family is and what this connection means to you. I will interpret the light language for you and bring you the message that is personal to you.


Energetic cleansing and energetic vitalization

This is also connected with an energetic cleansing and energetic vitalization.

Black holes in your energy field will be revived and filled up with your original energetic colors.  Imbalances are smoothed out, energetic worms are pulled out of your energy field, you will feel rejuvenating.

A short feedback talk will end the session.

Love & Light Session lasts 80 min.

Registration one day in advance

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