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Classes and private sessions

We practice a holistic Yoga as a combination from physical positions and spiritual meanings with exercises of breath, which are supporting and strengthening our well being and health. The goal is a more conscious life style, to create harmony and peace in our daily life.

We combine:

HATHA YOGA *** vitality and rejuvenate

Classical Yoga including breath exercises, positions and relaxation.

YOGA FLOW *** flexibility and mobility

A combination of a dynamic flow of our own energy and quiet meditative practice.

RAJA YOGA *** stillness and contemplation

Breathing and movements to be aware of and for our own self-reflection.

KUNDALINI YOGA *** consciousness and power

Concentration on the correct bearing of our spine and the flexibility of our joints. Balancing the chakras and aura cleansing.

"The essence of Yoga is remembering where we are.
Open your heart and you will find happiness."

A I O N A Y O G A is a gentle but powerful training for the body in connection with conscious observation of the breath to reach balance of body, mind and emotions.

Yoga helps to:

  1. enhance wellness
  2. calm symptoms of stress
  3. feel more alive and whole
  4. ease blocks and tensions
  5. Yoga balances our centre

We are happy to offer you in AIONA an unique kind of Yoga

T H E    Y O G A   K R A T O N   P O W E R   D A N C E

This is an ancient art of a Javanese and Balinese Yoga style.
It was practice at the king's palace and within the temples.

Flowing movements are activating our own energy centers.
This will rejuvenate our body, focus our mind, satisfaction of our emotions.


Levels: AIONA holistic Yoga welcomes all levels: newcomers, beginners and advanced learners.

Duration: one session is about 80 min.

Yoga Place: Our bamboo Yoga shalla is on seaside with a natural environment.

Instructor: Western, well educated Yoga teacher.

Please bring comfortable clothes, a bath towel or sarong and a yoga mat (if you have one).

Please book in advance.


******* NAMASTE ********* OM SWASTIASTU *********

For us at AIONA GARDEN OF HEALTH yoga is a way of life. In this sense, we also teach yoga.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the ancient Vedic culture of India. Yoga is a method of training intended to optimize our physical and mental health. There are a variety of forms and philosophies practiced amongst yoga teachers. While Yoga has its original roots in Indian culture, its aim is universal.

Yoga can be practiced by all. The only thing yoga requires of us is that we act while being conscious that our actions have responses. As we develop our awareness we become more conscious of these responses. Actually, you could say that yoga encompasses everything, therefore the intention of yoga is that one practice it in every aspect of our daily life.

Generally speaking, when people speak about yoga they are referring to Hatha Yoga. These are specific body movements done with the intention of clear perception. The ultimate goal is to attain higher consciousness.

We here at AIONA teach the delicate connection between movement and breathing. Through yoga we learn to get our body better acquainted with our minds and thus attain balance and optimum health of our whole being. Yoga is, for us, a lifestyle. Yoga is a part of our everyday life here at AIONA, expressed in our specific circadian rhythms, our individual processes, our diets, and as part of meditation where we train our minds. It is indeed encompassed in our whole being and in our environment.

We are always asked what style of yoga we teach at AIONA. My experiences as a movement teacher and in yoga are so complex that I choose not to commit to a specific type of yoga, thus I have developed my own style: AIONA HOLISTIC YOGA

An AIONA YOGA class includes:

  • A short, initial consultation
  • The alignment of the body to its original alignment (many bodies tense up because we no longer maintain our natural alignment)
  • Slow, flowing movements combined with breathing to balance the energy pathways
  • Exercises in standing and in sitting
  • Exercises in lying down with the spine in alignment
  • Relaxation while lying down with a short meditation
  • Ending consultation

In summary, one could call yoga a bringing together of different things, a merging, combining movement and breathing. Yoga can be viewed as:

  • A mind pool: We focus our full attention on one idea
  • Attention in action: acting so that all of our attention is focused on one activity
  • Achieving what was previously unattainable: If there is something that we presently cannot do, yoga is the step-by-step journey to help us do this thing.

Our yoga classes are designed with the individual in mind. I watch and listen to my students and create a program according to my own intuition and my expertise as both a movement teacher and an ayurvedic specialist. A yoga experience here is much different than an ordinary yoga class. You will be given much information, advice and guidance and learn a lot about yourself.

REGISTRATION: Please book at least one day in advance.

You may come here personally or book by telephone by calling 081 338 16 17 30

********** OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI OM *******
We look forward to meeting you

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