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Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word from ancient India. It contents two words, AYUR and VEDA. Ayur means life and Veda means science. Therefore, Ayurveda is translated into the science of life. This contains a very large knowledge. It is very old, much older than our modern medicine. It is based mainly on the observation of rhythms of nature. These are simple to observe by every human being. In nature, we can find the elemental forces as earth, water, fire and air. Ayurveda knows a fifth element, the element ether.

In our consultations it we will establish a personal relationship to these elemental forces, as they can show us where we stand in life.

Ayurveda differentiates between 3 types of people based on these elemental forces, the pitta, kapha and vata types. We humans are a mixture of all these classifications, but usually one type predominates and a second could be also strong. In the type classification this is then called vata-pitta type, for example. We can really consider, knowing one’s own type as a great advantage.

Ayurveda gives us important clues about everyday life and nutrition, adapted to our type. Every person is different and yet we are united by universal laws.

Ayurveda wants to support us emotionally, physically, psychically and spiritually.

We counselling people from all over the world for over 20 years. Through this long practice we can perceive a person very precisely and give impulses that can be implemented in everyday life.

We will go through deep relaxation, meditation and conversation. It is important that a person can perceive emotionally and with the heart, leaving the mind to the side for once. To come to a real experience.

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Do you sometimes feel disconnected from yourself, as if you are broken into different parts?

The head, mind wants that, the feeling, the heart doesn’t agree with that and then this inner conflict starts and we feel unbalanced and uncomfortable. Do you know this conflict?

We all consist of different parts of one personality. This can be compared to a unique patchwork. There is our mind, our heart voices and our emotions, all that belongs to our personality. Often these are not in balance. The result is, that we feel away from us, insecure and not really at home in us. This imbalance can have many reasons. We can find out more about this reasons, we can create harmony with our different inner aspects of this personalities. We can start to go into self-determination. Start with a Reconnection Session to create this balance.

It is an energetic process to be understood emotionally and can be grasped less with the mind.

For this I lead into a deep relaxation, into an experience, in order to bring one’s own images, which lie hidden, into consciousness. 

With a subsequent conversation we will discuss and talk about your experience. You will get concrete impulses and suggestions, on how to deal with them in everyday life, so that they strengthen and enrich you. 

Recognize and understand oneself better, can be very helpful in building

self-confidence and self-worth in a powerful and creative way.

A reconnection Session creates clarification

and new confidence in one’s own power.

Do you like to realize and know more about the relationship to yourself?

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Feel more grounded and 

find more at home inside.

Come in a flow 

with the rhythm of nature.

Make the experience to be centered and be balanced.