Amenities & Facilities

We give you an environment to immerse in nature to rediscover yourself. Experience our support to refresh, re-energize and  rejuvenate.



Enjoy joyful holidays to open all your senses.

Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant

We cook with what the local market offers us, seasonal, fresh, local, if possible organic quality.

Therefore it varies every day. We cook according the Indonesian tradition and Ayurvedic Cuisine. Enjoy tasty exquisite food in our open space restaurant in our colorful garden.


Ayurveda science for a healthy and fulfilling life gives us interesting impulses for our own personal life. Aiona lifestyle is based on Ayurveda knowledge, let yourself be inspired by us.

Wellbeing & Health Consultation

Experience and deepen more about yourself with a Reconnecting Consultation. Come with us on a Vision Journey to discover yourself deeply. Find to more clarity in a Tarot Reading .

Yoga & Meditation

Are you ready for yoga? The mats already waiting for you. Hatha and Flow Yoga; be aware of the flow of your own movement, feel centered and calm. The power of the sunrise on seaside supports to dive into the depth of meditation, perceive the peace. Come to a walking meditation in our Labyrinth.

Gift Shop & Jewelry

Our Natural-Care products are homemade, our Jewelry is handcrafted and our gift articles are form local artist. Discover something that can support our daily well-being.


Romantic, traditional bungalows with grass roof, private situated in our magical garden, facing the sea.
Comfortable furnished with unique bamboo and wooden furniture. Spacious verandas, similar to a living room extra, to enjoy outdoor living. Whole Aiona is a no smoking and
a no alcohol area.

Other Perks & Facilities

Looking for more? Well, we believe that our vision of a peaceful life is possible, if we start with ourselves. Aiona will inspire you in that.

Our Magical Garden

Enjoy to be with medicine plants and special old trees. Dive under the leaves canopy of Manogtrees and Coconutplams to breath deep. Enjoy the soothing shade. We will open for you one of our young coconuts, feel refreshed from the rejuvenating coconutwater .

Living on Seaside

Live with us by the sea, always accompainied by the sound of the sea.
Aiona is directedly situated on seaside, with a wonderful beachfront of over 60 meters. Discover underwater world on the coral reef, directly in front of us.

Shell Museum

Go for a shell museum visit. There are many different shapes, colors and structures to be seen, getting more aware of the wonderful underwater world. It is our aim to bring your attention to be more aware how important it is, that we protect it.

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